Industrial export

Do you want to fix up that old trailer or get some equipment ready for a auction.   Come see us with our state of the art dustless media blaster!  We can blast wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum just about anything without warping.

We have a 65 X 18 foot heated paint booth, that can accommodate just about any piece of equipment, or trailer.  Click Marathon Paint Booth to see some of its features!

Also new to Paul Reed Construction is the 30″ vinyl printer/cutter with laminator!  Need a custom sticker made?  Come to the office and look at some of the ones we have done.

The Industrial Refurbishing department at Paul Reed Construction can help you make some of your old equipment really stand out at a sale, or just to look good while your using it.  From blasting it, to painting, to putting new stickers on it, give Geoff a call!!

Here are a few examples of what we have done.