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Paul Reed Construction & Supply, Inc.

Paul Reed Construction & Supply Inc. was founded on May 15th, 1980 and has grown to become one of the largest general contractors in Western Nebraska.  Headquartered in Gering, Nebraska the company provides an array of services ranging from commercial and industrial building construction to heavy highway earthwork and installation of underground utilities.   We have the capability to bond projects of up to $20 million and are currently billing $25-30 million in revenue per year.

We have several divisions within the company that we have established in order to better serve our customers.  Our Engineering and Design division allows us to pursue design build projects of all types and it gives our customers the advantage of having input in the design of their project while our estimating division can provide cost analysis during the design phase in order to get the project within the customer’s budget.

Our Rock Pile and Service Division have grown to become the largest supplier of landscaping materials in the area.  We have aggregates, mulches, boulders and stones of all shapes and sizes.   We just added a tree moving service and tree nursery to the multiple services this division provides to the community.

Our goal on any project is to build a quality product with quality people.  Having long tenured employees has helped our reputation of being a company that values its employees.  In return these employees continue to perform at a high level keeping our customer base pleased with the product we produce.

“Our agency has handled the surety needs for Paul Reed Construction & Supply, Inc. since 1995. During that time, we have supported a large variety of both general building construction projects as well as civil engineering-type work.

In the event Paul Reed Construction should be awarded a contract, we are in a position to provide the necessary Performance and Payment bonds. Please understand that this letter is not to be construed as a bid bond or any other form of guarantee, but merely a letter stating our intention to execute bonds on behalf of this fine contractor in support of the project. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or if I can be of further assistance.”

James M. King


Paul Reed Construction has a very large variety of equipment.   With over 200 pieces of heavy equipment, pretty much any task can be met.


  • Laser Screed
  • John Deere 310C 2X4 Backhoe
  • John Deere 310D 4X4 Backhoe
  • John Deere 310E 4X4 Backhoe

  • Nordberg Impact Crusher
  • Nordberg Screener
  • Shaker Buddy/Screener
  • Bid Well Bridge Deck Paver


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